Social Faith-Based Events To Meet Folks

If you’ve not noticed by now, the schools are back in and that also means that the colleges will soon be reopening their doors to students from Houston and all around the US.

There are plenty of exciting, fulfilling events being run this month by a huge range of Christian groups suitable for kids, teenagers and older folks alike.

Take a look at our brief rundown of what’s going down in Houston churches this month and let us know if ya’ll go to any of them!

“Be the Salt + Light” [FREE]

Sometimes the simplest events can prove to be the most fulfilling. The Salt + Light is a faith-based event which asks believers to join together and then share their Christian faith with those who might not have found it yet. The powerful act of sharing your faith can be a real stimulator for further enlightenment, participants are encouraged to share their stories over lunch (not included) and then go their separate ways.

Date: 10am-12pm, Saturday 10th August 2019 Location: Cypress TBD

The ‘God of this City’ Faith Tour Live Concert [FREE]

Whether you’re uncertain of your current place in the world, or are living in the full glory of the Light of the Lord, the ‘God of this City’ Faith Tour is a perfect event for people of all Christian faith-based backgrounds. Part of a planned 12 City worship tour across the States, this will be the first stop and is billed to be an ‘Audacious Faith’ experience which should bring even the most downtrodden up into the Light.

Date: 10am-11:30am, Sunday 11th August 2019 Location: City of Faith Church, 11411 Windfern Road

Sexy Time – Conversation about God & My Love Life [$5]

If you’ve ever struggled with the strange mixed up world that is online dating then you’re not alone. Houston’s premier theological discussion group for young adults (20s & 30s) returns this month with a focus on romantic relationships and how we can analyse the dating game using the Bible as our guide. For a $5 dollar admission you can access to free food and craft beer, as well as the discussion.

Date: 7pm-9pm, Tuesday 13th August 2019 Location: Kindred, 2515 Waugh Drive

Immersed: A Conversation About Baptism [FREE]

Gastrochurch bring another scintillating evening of religious discussion and food to Houston. This month’s topic of choice is baptism and how the simple act of sprinkling water on a person’s head can have reverberations throughout their life, just like a drop in a pool of water. There’s always something interesting on the table with Gastrochurch, whether it’s a theological discussion or a particularly tasty dish! The first dinner is absolutely free, but donations are suggested from then on.

Date: 7:00pm-9pm, Saturday 17th August 2019 Location: Grace UMC, 1245 Heights Boulevard

Social Share – Women, Money and Purpose [FREE]

The Beautiful Purpose Mission is to empower women to live a purpose-filled life, this is done by creating a safe space where those women feel comfortable sharing, healing and (most importantly) learning. This edition of the free event series focusing on financial management and explores how it might be possible for women to gain empowerment through their finances, rather than feeling shackled or stressed by them.

Date: 9:30am-11:30am, Saturday 24th August 2019 Location: BakerRipley Leonel Castillo Communitu Center, 2101 South St